Welcome Subcontractors

We would like to thank you for your interest in working with Mirador. We are a firm that puts an emphasis on building long-standing relationships that are beneficial to all parties. In addition, we pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with subcontractors over the years. It is our goal to establish these relationships and work with quality subcontractors. We have laid out a prequalification process that allowed us to contact qualified subcontractors.

Prequalification Process:

The following two-step process detailed below will allow subcontractors to gain access to Mirador projects at our different jobs sites around the country.

Step 1: 

Complete the following prequalification package by filling out the necessary forms and submitting them through one of the following ways:

Items you will need to submit to be considered:

Step 2:  

Once your package is approved, Mirador will enter your company into our subcontractor database and send you instructions to view and bid on different Mirador subcontracting opportunities.

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