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To provide the best facility maintenance and management, construction, and professional services for government and private industries while creating significant value for our customers and long-term opportunities for our employees.

What We Do

Mirador offers low risk solutions with the ability to handle multiple task orders across a wide area of services. We strive to deliver the best solutions across the sectors we specialize in.

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Mirador provides employees the opportunity to grow and develop, fostering an
engaging and collaborative work environment.


Mirador is honored to serve or have served the following customers.

In my opinion Mirador Enterprises, Inc. is the TOP contractor that we have had the opportunity to work with over the past few years at Holloman.  They have handled endless government curveballs thrown their way and coordinated work around missions that cannot be shut-down and they provided a quality and timeliness of work that can be considered above and beyond expectations.

– Thomas L. Knox

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